Environment and sustainability

Making a positive social, environmental and economic impact

We incorporate the principles of social, environmental and financial sustainability into our business decisions by identifying associated risks, obligations and opportunities. This culture is supported by our integrated management system that meets the requirements ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

Reducing our impact on the planet

We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. Every job provides unique challenges and opportunities, and we resolve them in ways that help us meet our environmental and sustainability targets. This could mean:

  • Using low impact materials, sustainably produced and locally sourced
  • Creating on-site borrow pits, as well as recycling and reusing materials
  • Minimising pollution by taking a responsible approach to waste management
  • Using quality products for lasting durability
  • Using transport management software to lessen our impact on the roads

Embracing the renewables market

Many of our projects implement rainwater harvesting, biomass boilers, solar panels, air source and ground source heat pumps. We have also completed a number of projects in the renewables sector, such as hydro schemes.